Welcome to the HSCPC, where volunteers help you deal with crime and safety concerns, clean up trash and unwanted graffiti, promote the safety of young and old, and lead the way toward a better Hastings Sunrise for all.

Auto Crime Awareness

April is Auto Crime Enforcement month in B.C. and ICBC is supporting the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT) and the provincial government on highlighting this important issue.

Spot the Dumpers

The City of Vancouver and Block Watch are asking the public’s help in reporting and reducing illegal dumping in your neighbourhood.

Eyes on Wheels

Calvin Leong and Marjorie Evans aren’t police officers, but they do patrol Hastings Sunrise’s streets on their bicycles.

Both are on the HSCPC bike patrol team, a group that makes a difference in ways you probably haven’t noticed.

Unless, that is, you forgot to renew your car insurance and found a friendly reminder on your windshield.

Crime Group Targets the Elderly

The Vancouver Police Department is again advising the public to be cautious of strangers offering jewellery after a number of seniors have been targeted by con artists who use sleight of hand to steal their valuables.

Over the past several days, the Vancouver Police Department has had seven reported cases of distraction theft. Since December of 2012, there have been over 60 reported cases, totaling over $88,000 in losses.